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GDPR Privacy Policy


The privacy and cookie statement applies to the processing of personal data by Media Group XL and describes which personal data it processes and how it is used. Media Group XL also processes the personal data provided by you for the benefit of Insite Greece.

Media Group XL offers various Services to Users on the internet where personal data can be collected, such as:

– Supply of information (blog) on Media Group XL websites
– the possibility to place an advertisement.

The privacy and cookie statement applies to all Services that Insite Greece offers on the internet and via apps

If a User has accepted this privacy and cookie statement on a platform of Media Group XLs, this permission also applies to multiple platforms (cross-domain).

As further explained below, Insite Greece collects data about the Users when they:

a) register for the Service (through the Insite Greece Account) for the first time and if they subsequently use the Service;
b) use the Service (website visit and app use) and
c) for any contact between the Insite Greece and the User.

This information is used (sometimes in combination with other information) to be able to offer and invoice the Services, to improve the Services, to draw up a profile with which the Services or advertisements and other commercial communication can be focused on the personal preferences of the User, to provide support to the User, and for the other purposes described in this privacy and cookie statement.

1. Defenitions

• the personal registration, consisting of the username / email address and the password, with which the User gains access to our Services.

• the devices, such as PCs, smartphones or tablets, with which access to the Services can be obtained.

Content •
Information (including audiovisual material) that Insite Greece makes available as part of the Service.

Services •
the services that Insite Greece offers on the Internet and via apps to the Users, whether or not after payment, via the Insite Greece Account, via unregistered website visit and via app use, and only for end use under the applicability of the Media Group XL Terms of Use such as Insite Greece.

• the natural or commercial legal person that purchases Services from Insite Greece.

Personal data
• any information concerning the User, with which the User can be directly or indirectly traced, including an IP address.

Privacy and cookie statement
• the present privacy and cookie statement of Insite Greece.

2. How we collect info

Insite Greece collects information about the Users in the following ways:

Directly from the person concerned:

For example, if the person concerned creates an Insite Greece Account, if a User sends an e-mail, seeks contact via the possible Chat on our site or otherwise contacts Insite Greece, for example with questions about the use of the Service or as Insite Greece offers Users the opportunity to place information on websites themselves.

As a result of using the Service:

Users can access the Services with their Insite Greece Account, and Insite Greece can also offer Services to people without an Insite Greece Account. Insite Greece also uses cookies (see below) to collect data about the use of the Service.

From third parties:

For example, if a User or another visitor to an Insite Greece website uses social network features integrated into our Services, Insite Greece may receive certain information from the relevant social network, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. NL Fitnessland can also receive information from partners who are used in the Services. For example, Insite Greece uses the services of other parties to help it map and analyze the use of the Content and websites. An example of this is Google Analytics. This is a tool that makes it clear to Insite Greece how Users view an Insite Greece website (what users click on and how often).

Consider also partners who, on behalf of the User, provide payment for the Service. An example is Ideal. This Payment Service Provider takes care of the payment transactions between User and services and products of Insite Greece.

3. Cookies

What are they:
Cookies are small files that can be placed on the Devices of the User from the websites of Insite Greece. For example, the User can be easily recognized on a subsequent visit without having to log in to his or her Insite Greece Account again. Cookies from other visitors to the Insite Greece websites (who are not logged in with an Insite Greece Account) may also be used to collect information about their use of the websites.

There are different types of cookies. In some cases, cookies are automatically deleted when the User closes his browser, in other cases these cookies are stored longer and can also be read with the next use of the Service. Insofar as Insite Greece collects personal data using cookies, it will be processed in accordance with the provisions of this privacy and cookie statement.

Which cookies does Insite Greece use:
Insite Greece places cookies himself, to recognize the User on a subsequent visit without having to log in again in his Insite Greece Account. Insite Greece can also place cookies for the purpose of creating profiles. In addition, Insite Greece may use third parties to analyze the use of its Content, websites, apps and the Services. These third parties also place cookies on your Devices for Insite Greece, which are used to map out how Users use the Service. Examples are Google Analytics and Mailchimp, Chat service Tawkto, etc.

Cookies from other parties:
Third party cookies are placed on your Devices by third parties, and only these third parties have access to those cookies and the information collected by the cookie. Third parties that can place cookies via the Insite Greece websites are, for example, social network services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This is done via the buttons of these social networks that can be offered on the websites of Insite Greece to promote Content (“like”) or share (“tweet”).

If you want more information about the cookies that other parties place from the Insite Greece websites and how and for what purpose these cookies are used, please read the privacy & cookie statements of these parties on their respective websites.

Deleting cookies:
Browser applications can be set so that no new cookies are received during the next use of the Service. The way in which differs per browser; consult the help function of the browser if necessary.

It also explains how previously placed cookies can be deleted. NB: a visitor to the website or a User who no longer wishes to receive cookies at all, must change these settings in all browsers and on all Devices that are used. If cookies are refused and / or deleted, it may happen that the User or the visitor to the Service cannot use all the possibilities of the Service or the Service.

4. Wich info do we collect from users

Insite Greece verzamelt en verwerkt de volgende informatie over de Gebruikers, voor de doeleinden die elders in dit privacy- en cookiestatement zijn toegelicht:

Contactgegevens en Insite Greece Account:
Insite Greece bewaart de contactgegevens die Gebruikers opgeven als zij zich registreren voor het Insite Greece Account of als de Gebruiker gebruik maakt van de online contactformulieren. Bij de registratieprocedure is aangegeven of de gevraagde informatie verplicht moet worden opgegeven of niet.

Als er een betaling moet plaatsvinden, laat Insite Greece – via de partij die namens haar de betalingen regelt – informatie opslaan over (de wijze van) facturatie en betaling voor de Dienstverlening (bijvoorbeeld creditcardgegevens of bancaire gegevens bij een volmacht tot automatische incasso).

Informatie die door Gebruikers zelf wordt geplaatst:
Insite Greece kan bijvoorbeeld de mogelijkheid bieden om reacties te plaatsen op Content (o.a. via advertenties). Insite Greece mag deze informatie tonen op de websites of in apps of sociale media tools die zij ontwikkelt om de Dienstverlening te bieden of promoten.

Informatie over de opgevraagde Content:
Insite Greece houdt bij welke Content wordt opgevraagd met behulp van cookies en/of het Insite Greece Account van een Gebruiker.

Andere informatie over het gebruik van de Content en de Dienstverlening:
Insite Greece kan ook meer algemene informatie verzamelen over het gebruik dat Gebruikers en website-bezoekers maken van de Dienstverlening, bijvoorbeeld door bij te houden hoe vaak en vanaf welk IP-adres de Gebruiker inlogt, met welke browser de websites bezocht wordt of met welk type Apparaat de Content wordt opgevraagd.

Informatie over reacties op e-mails:

Als Insite Greece e-mails verstuurt aan de Gebruikers, kan informatie worden verzameld over de manier waarop de Gebruiker reageert op dergelijke e-mails, bijvoorbeeld het aantal keren dat de e-mail wordt geopend en/of wordt geklikt op de links die erin staan.

Informatie naar aanleiding van contact met Gebruiker:
Bijvoorbeeld als een Gebruiker een vraag stelt per e-mail of contact opneemt met de telefonische helpdesk.

5. How do we use this info

In order to provide the Services:
For example, Insite Greece uses the Insite Greece Account to provide you with access to the Services and Content, and other information provided during registration (such as name and address details) can be used to verify that the User meets the requirements . Specified contact details can be used to inform you about changes in the Service or planned maintenance (service e-mails), for example.

For the settlement of payments:
Certain information that is requested during registration may be necessary for the settlement of the billing and payment for the Services.

For sending newsletters and promotions:
Insite Greece may also use contact information and other collected data to bring attention to itself by telephone, by post, email, SMS, push messages from apps or other suitable targeted media, promotions or offers (promotional emails), or to keep Users informed about the Service and the Content (newsletter e-mails). Users can opt out at any time. For others than Users, Insite Greece will only approach them if the person concerned has requested this, for example by registering for this.

To improve the Service:
Insite Greece uses the (consumption) data of all Users to analyze in a general way how the Service is used and which trends can be observed therein, in order to make more informed decisions about, for example, the further development of the Service and the offer of Content. . More technical trends can also be kept for that purpose, for example with which types of Devices or browsers a User requests the Content.

To prevent abuse:
Insite Greece also processes the information about the Users and the use of the Service to prevent abuse of the Service and the Content, to prevent fraud (for example with credit cards or other payment means), and to protect the rights of others (including the entitled parties to the Content).

Compliance with laws and regulations:
Information can be used to comply with laws and regulations that apply to Insite Greece, to handle disputes and to have (accountant) audits carried out.

6. With who do we share info

Within Insite Greece:
The data collected is by Insite Greece. also processed for Media Group XL. This company can access this data to the extent that it fits within the purposes described in this privacy and cookie statement.

With (other) suppliers of Insite Greece:
Insite Greece can pass on information about Users to suppliers that it uses to realize the Services (for example, a mailing company, call center, collection agency, market research agency or the party that is involved in the technical realization of a website or app on behalf of Insite Greece. ).

With the authorities and others:
In exceptional cases, Insite Greece may provide information to authorities or third parties, if Insite Greece is required to do so by law or by order of the court, or if there is good reason to believe that it is necessary to prevent damage or abuse. appearance.

7. Rights of user information

Persons whose personal data are processed have certain rights under the law. Users can at any time and at no cost gain insight into the information processed by Insite Greece and adjust it if desired. Users can also object to receiving information or targeted offers from Insite Greece via e-mail, telephone, post and / or SMS, or to have their data deleted in accordance with the applicable regulations.

If the User wishes to make use of these options, this can be done by contacting the email address

8. Persons younger than 16

Persons who have not yet reached the age of 16 (minors) may only register as a User with the permission of a parent or legal guardian. The parent (s) or legal representative of the minor User must read this privacy and cookie statement in the interest of the minor User and can exercise the rights of the relevant User instead of the minor User.

Insite Greece advises parents or legal guardians to monitor the use that a minor User makes of the Service and to make such Users aware of the use that can be made of their personal data on the basis of this privacy and cookie statement.

9. Security of info

Insite Greece maintains a security level at all times in the processing of information about Users and visitors to the websites or apps that, given the state of the art, is sufficient to prevent unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or loss of personal data.

As part of this, Insite Greece enters into written agreements with suppliers that it engages that process personal data on its behalf, imposing appropriate obligations on those suppliers to ensure the security of this data.

Insite Greece always uses the SSL security option for the website.

10. Links to third parties

The Service may contain links to third party websites. Insite Greece is not responsible for the use of personal data by the organizations that offer these websites. Read the privacy statement, if any, of the relevant website.

11. Contact Us

Questions about this privacy and cookie statement, or about the way in which Insite Greece processes user data, can be submitted via the email address

12. Adjustments GDPR privacy policy

It is possible that Insite Greece will decide in the future to amend this Privacy and cookie statement. If that is the case, Insite Greece will notify Users in advance by publishing the amended Privacy and Cookie Statement. Users are therefore advised to regularly check this statement for changes.

This can easily be done by checking whether the reference below has been adjusted since the previous use of the Service. The most current and applicable version of the privacy and cookie Statement can always be consulted on the relevant Insite Greece website or app.